Hidden Bays

It is time for ‘fjaka’ /fyaka/ – escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic, feel relaxed and safe in small isolated bays of the Elaphite Islands. The Elaphite Islands are the jewel of the Dubrovnik region. They are full of small hidden bays which can only be accessed from the sea.

Many of us have the fondest childhood memories of our islands and family trips. Explore with us the cliffs, islands and small bays in the vicinity of Dubrovnik. One of the most attractive places to visit is the Šunj beach at the island of Lopud, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Elaphite Islands. We’ll take you right there on board the Goldstar 360.

First we head towards the island of Koločep (the people of Dubrovnik call it Kalamota) and the Blue Cave, which can be entered by swimming. There is sand on the seabed that reflects light thus creating a special turquoise colour of the sea. After that special experience, we sail towards the island of Lopud and the Šunj beach. Šunj is a favourite destination of excursionists. For all lovers of good photography, this trip is a great opportunity to take photos in nature (no filter needed). The sea, the sun, the islands, unspoiled nature and good company… ideal opportunity for (Instagram) memories. And of course, when you’re on Šunj, you just have to play the popular “picigin” - just bring a ball and fun is guaranteed. After swimming and having fun on Šunj, we return to the hotel.

Dalmatians have a very unique tool to fight the summer heat called ‘’fjaka’’. The Croatian poet Jakša Fiamengo said that “fjaka is a specific state of mind and body. The sense of time becomes lost, and its very inertness and languor give the impression of a lightweight instant. More precisely: it’s half somewhere and half nowhere, always somehow in between.” Fjaka is a sublime state in which a human aspires for nothing and feels good about it. In Dalmatia, it’s considered a gift from God. Set out with us to discover the hidden bays and relax. It is time for ‘’fjaka’’. Embrace it and you will love it.

A half-day excursion includes:
•    A private 4-hour boat excursion to the Elaphite Islands 
•    Dalmatian picnic basket
Excursion time: at the arranged time 
Excursion duration: 4 hours
Total: 6.100,00 HRK (810,00 EUR*) 
A full-day excursion includes:
•    A private 8-hour boat excursion to the Elaphite Islands 
•    Dalmatian picnic basket 
Excursion time: at the arranged time 
Excursion duration: 8 hours
Total: 10.200,00 HRK (1.354,00 EUR*) 
*Prices expressed in euro are of an informative nature and subject to exchange rate changes.
Boat excursions are available from 1 June. For additional information and excursion reservation please contact us at more@hotel-more.hr or at tel.: +385 20 494 200. We will be happy to answer all your questions!


More About Goldstar 360 Boat
Sailing the sea provides a feeling of freedom, endless beauty and relaxation. It is a wonderful feeling to sit at the stern, while the wind refreshes you a bit, to observe our islands and let your thoughts flow. It is especially a real pleasure on board the Goldstar 360, where you can easily imagine yourself with a glass of wine in hand, with a few delicacies. Blending traditional and modern, created for real enjoyment, the Goldstar 360 radiates special, antique warmth. With its striking navy blue, timeless teak and a carefully designed interior, it is a true example of the art of shipbuilding. It is 11 meters long, of classic timeless, Italian design, with a comfortable wide stern, a beautiful interior saloon, two cabins and spacious cushions on the bow. Whether you want a romantic cruise or a speedboat ride, you will surely enjoy this boat.

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