The Dubrovnik area offers an abundance of various interesting locations, natural beauties and historical monuments that will not only enhance your stay in Dubrovnik, but also enrich your spirit and knowledge. There are infinite stories worth hearing and seeing, and we selected only a few we are sure you will like.

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Dubrovnik Panorama & Old Town Walking Tour

For all those who wish to experience the beauty of this district and make their stay more interesting – we can suggest the route which will take you to several special places. We will take you by the hotel limousine to a panoramic location which offers an unforgettable view of the town, its... excursion details

A Romantic Sunset

Dubrovnik, always graceful and paced, a city of stone, sun and eternal romantic beauty, where every corner tells its story. During a comfortable ride in the hotel limousine, you will enjoy the landscape and the beauties on the road that leads to the top of the Srđ hill. Only from that spot, you ... excursion details

Meet Ston and Pelješac

Wine, Salt and Tradition

Ston on the Pelješac Peninsula is a small town with the longest stone wall in Europe (5.5 km) and – after the Chinese Wall – it is the second longest in the world. The Ston salt factory dates back from the 14th century. It is the ... excursion details

Discover Konavle Valley

Agritourism, Nature and History

Due to its favourable position throughout which many watercourses of Ljuta river flow, the fertile Konavle Valley used to be the main source of food in the Dubrovnik Republic. Today it is the area of numerous village households. One of which we will tak... excursion details

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