MORE Small Tokens of Appreciation in Hotel MORE

MORE Small Tokens of Appreciation in Hotel MORE

BOOK your much-desired vacation at Hotel More! We would like to bring some joy and positive excitement into our lives, so we decided to surprise some of you and give you some presents, our tokens of appreciation. Maybe you will win one of the prizes! Read more about it below. 

We would like to cheer you up with some new memories:

• This year's 100th guest of Hotel More will enjoy one sleepy morning having a „Lovely Morning“, a romantic breakfast for two in the privacy of their rooms. With a mimosa cocktail and a surprise dessert, they will start their day in good mood!

• This year's 500th guest of Hotel More will experience an unforgettable romantic sunset for two. During a comfortable ride in the hotel limousine, they will enjoy the landscape and the beauties on the road that leads to the top of the Srđ hill. Only from that spot, Dubrovnik can be seen for what it is: a rare pearl on the palm of your hand. In a romantic place, with a glass of champagne, our guests will enjoy a beautiful sunset.

• For our 1000th guest we have prepared a „Sweet Afternoon“ for two, in our Pastry & Cocktail Bar Slatki kantun (Sweet Corner). Laying down by the pool, with irresistible desserts and refreshing cocktails, could the afternoon be any better? 

1500th guest should prepare for a top dining experience „A Night to Remember“ in our Restaurant More:
  o Romantic table setting, with sea view 
  o Welcome drink – glass of a Croatian sparkling wine 
  o Chef's choice menu
  o Glass of a Croatian wine accompanying every course 
  o Digestive

2000th guest will have the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments at sea for two – they will sail towards the city walls and first enjoy the panoramic view of Velika and Mala Petka, the park-forest of Lapad Bay. Then they will pass by the Lovrjenac fortress, also known as Gibraltar of Dubrovnik, which is located on a cliff outside the walls. After Lovrjenac, they will pass by the walls up to the fortress of St. John and the famous breakwater, Porporela. Maybe they will take a peek at Porat (the Old Town port), which got its present contours in the 15th century. It all sounds so interesting, doesn't it?

3000th guest will get one free night at the Hotel More! Whether the guest decides to stay another day at the hotel or we simply reduce his/her bill for one night, we believe that we will cheer him/her up and make his/her stay with us more beautiful!

The awarded guests will find out about their prize during check-in at the hotel reception, when they will receive all the necessary information. The prizes can be used during guests' stay at the hotel. We are looking forward to it, how about you?

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Every journey is a chance for creating beautiful memories. We are happy to help you create those memories. 
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