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Our favourite Cliffs

When you live in a place as beautiful as Dubrovnik, it is a true skill to appreciate, every day, the beauty that surrounds you. Very often, as is the case with many other things in life, you just get used to it and take it for granted. Of course, our apologies to all those who have mastered this art of life. smiley But still, in moments of calmness and serenity, we are very much aware of our noble landscape, and we truly enjoy our sea and beautiful sunsets...

The experience of hotel More would not be complete without famous Dubrovnik cliffs (Grebeni) and the sea horizon – our favourite photo setting. It’s a special feeling to lean on the fence and let the view wander into the distance. Along with the view, our thoughts somehow clear up. We hope that our guests enjoy this much-needed dose of beauty and inspiration as much as we do. 

Grebeni (the Cliffs) are a group of 11 islets situated on the entrance of the Lapad bay. The three main islets carry names: Greben (in English: the cliff), Kantenari and Vješala (in English: the gallows). Grebeni are part of the Elaphite Islands.

The lighthouse was built on the Greben islet in 1872. It has been in use since the time of its construction, but they say that since the 1960s there has been no lighthouse keeper there. Allegedly, due to the horrible weather, stormy south wind and high waves, a rock weighing several hundred kilos fell off into the house, smashing the window and a part of a thick wall of the house. Afterwards, the lighthouse keeper left Grebeni, and no one has ever returned there.

Grebeni also attract attention of storm chasers, who try to capture wild nature and huge scary waves caused by the stormy south wind.

Every part of the day, with a view of Grebeni, carries its own beauty – be it a beautiful calm morning or unforgettable sunsets. 

Our favourite Cliffs are one of numerous Dubrovnik beauties. We are happy they adorn our horizon. 

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